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Neal Anderson

Certified Advanced Rolfer®
Rolf Movement® Practitioner
Visceral Manipulation Specialty
Craniosacral Specialty
Dr. Ida Rolf Institute® Faculty

Founding Member of Rolfing® Community

I started my Rolfing® practice in April of 2003 after sixteen years as an architect. Often people say that is quite a change, however, I see Rolfing® as working with the dynamic architecture of the body as opposed to the static architecture of a building.

I like to say that Rolfing® makes me more comfortable in my own skin. That means several things to me. First, movement – walking, biking, yoga – is easier and more fluid. Second, the little aches and pains that had built up over the years are gone or greatly diminished. And third, my sense of self is enhanced.

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2832 Farisita Drive

Loveland, CO 80538

Call (706) 224-8013 via voice or text to schedule an appointment.

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