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Rediscover your natural alignment with a Certified Rolfer® in Longmont, CO

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Unlock your body's full potential and start feeling better today. Find a Certified Rolfer® in Longmont to help you!

From chronic pain to bad posture patterns, a Certified Longmont Rolfer® can introduce you to a profound system of hands-on therapy and movement education that can help you safely find balance, reduce pain and start moving with ease.

Your Certified Longmont Rolfer is trained and experienced in bodywork therapy that uses deep tissue manipulation to improve posture, breathing, balance, and range of motion. Based on the understanding that the human body is a complex system of interrelated parts that must work together for optimal health, your Longmont Rolfer will explain all of the details you need to get back up to speed. Young or old, a Longmont Rolfer can be beneficial for anyone, who wishes to improve their posture, breathing, balance, and range of motion.

Services Offered

Sports Massage
Craniosacral Therapy
Trigger Point Therapy
Prenatal Massage
Postpartum Treatments

Lymphatic Drainage Massage
TMJ Disorder Treatment
Myofascial Release
Assisted Stretching
Advanced Bodywork

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Longmont Rolfing FAQs

How do I schedule an appointment with a Longmont Rolfer®?

Start by booking a 30-Minute Rolfing discovery call and let one of our specialists help you find a local Longmont Rolfer in your area.

What other Colorado service areas does the Rolfing Community serve?

Find a rolfing massage therapy near you and discover how each specialist can assist you in achieving your desired health objectives. Speaking with an Rolfing expert today.

What information do I need for my Longmont Rolfing session?

Your no cost 30-minute phone consultation with a Longmont Rolfer will discuss your current and recurring pain issues, previous histories of treatment, your personal goals to achieve a pain-free life, and scheduling an appointment with a Longmont Rolfing massage therapist or other specialized bodyworker near your location in Longmont, CO.

Still have questions?

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Setting Expectations

What to wear and
what to expect

Instead of compressive yoga shorts, tights, or everyday modest underwear, you should wear. The bodyworker will want to evaluate your body, possibly ask you to exercise, and most likely evaluate your alignment and posture in general.


Please wear the following:

Short, light running shorts
Short soccer shorts
Modest bra or bikini top
Light, straight-strapped sports top


Please wear the following:

Short, light running shorts
Short soccer shorts
Athletic T-shirt
Tank Top

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