Transform your body with a Rolfing Treatment Session.

The hallmark of Rolfing Structural Integration is the Ten Series. A series of ten rolfing sessions balance, nurture and optimize your functional movements and body structure. Feel the difference a rolfing treatment recipe can make with a detailed mix of bodywork, deliberate movement, massage and physical therapy. Engage in the process and transform your body.

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Get in Tune with Your Body Through Rolfing® Ten Series

Take the time to appreciate and respect your body through a series of meaningful Rolfing treatment sessions. Experience a mix of bodywork, movement, breath work, and physical massage therapy that helps you tune-in to yourself and feel more connected to your body.

The Rolfing® Ten Series in Detail

The Ten Series of Rolfing comprises ten in-person sessions which utilize Rolfing structural integration to achieve intentional movement, understanding your body’s story and associations with pain and misalignments, as well as, preparing goals on top of a solid foundation built on experience and critical body knowledge. These sessions take a holistic approach to health and systematically work the entire body to organize and balance both structure and function.

Rolfing® Ten Series: Session One
Your journey starts with your first step.

The first encounter between the client and the rolfer provides an opportunity to analyze your body’s full story, detailed history, problematic issues, recurring pain and establishing boundaries. All of this lays solid groundwork for the therapeutic relationship to flourish throughout the procedure, loosening and rebalancing the top layers of connective tissue in the neck, diaphragm, rib cage, arms, spine, upper legs, and hamstrings. 

Breathing, reaching ability, and separating the torso from the pelvis are the main topics of the first session.

The initial Rolfing session initiates the client and the Rolfer's integrative journey and is crucial in establishing the context for subsequent encounters. 

Bodywork Session Focus Points: Complete body review including breathing, gait and reach. 

Rolfing Ten Series Session Goal: Establish a baseline of your space, your capacity to reach, and your torso differentiation. 
Rolfing® Ten Series: Session Two
Your body’s relationship with the ground. 

In the second Rolfing session, the client's perception of verticality is addressed in relation to issues of support and adaptability. The second session begins to provide a solid foundation and feedback on walking, standing, and sitting. Whereas the first session focuses on establishing a positive framework in which the therapeutic relationship can grow by exploring the body's capacity for extension and reach. 

The link between both the feet, legs, back, and head is central to this session's anatomy. Your Rolfer attaches importance to the issues of how the client senses the ground, how the ground impacts their coordination, and what signals are used to characterize the ground while recognizing that support is an activity executed by the client's overall system.

Bodywork Session Focus Points:  Upper legs, rib cage, diaphragm, arms, hamstrings, spine, and neck.

Rolfing Ten Series Session Goal: Focus on providing stability through balancing the foot and your lower leg muscles.
Rolfing® Ten Series: Session Three
Begin building your bridge. 

The reflections and knowledge gained from the initial and second session are connected in the third session.  Your third session turns the focus to your body’s interactions between these two events and the Rolfing accomplishments completed thus far. While the first two sessions primarily focused on establishing a baseline, you and your certified Rolfer begin to explore and discover the connection to sustaining your reach. 

The lateral line, often known as the "middle" between the front and the rear, is where the Rolfer digs in and further develops the themes of this session based on your profile and foundation. Your ability to fully engage the spine, as well as the pelvic and shoulder girdles, in walking is a large focus in session three - achieving graceful and more economical and refined body movement.

Bodywork Session Focus Points: Alignment of the head, neck, shoulder girdle, and hips. 

Rolfing Ten Series Session Goal: Your practitioner aims to understand the lateral line and the relationships between your head, neck, shoulder girdle, hip standing position(s) and alignment.
Rolfing® Ten Series: Session Four
Your center of gravity. The core. 

Your Rolfer dives into the deep structures of your legs, pelvic floor and spine with session four. This fourth session marks the start of a transformative journey that will help you become more aware of your body and bring balance to it. 

Bodywork Session Focus Points: Spine and pelvic floor. 

Rolfing Ten Series Session Goal: Your session focuses on the areas between the inside arch of your foot and the bottom of your lower pelvis.
Rolfing® Ten Series: Session Five
Keep looking up. 

In your second core session in the Rolfing Ten Series, you will explore your body’s natural ability to remain upright. Your rolfer is now exploring deep within your body’s spinal curvature architecture, and the interaction between the visceral and superficial structures. 

Your fifth session is an important continuation of your previous session, steadily centering your lateral line and balancing the body’s natural ability to balance the abdominal and thoracic areas to remain upright naturally and reduce chronic pain and fatigue from poor posture and routine. 

Bodywork Session Focus Points: Spine, neck, lower back, and legs. 

Rolfing Ten Series Session Goal: The fifth session aims to balance your surface and deep abdominal muscles with the curve of your back.
Rolfing® Ten Series: Session Six
The beauty of the back. 

In your sixth Rolfing session, the bulk of interventions to obtain improved posture are completed. Your Rolfer now begins the most vital work on one of the most delicate and elaborate areas of the body - your back. Through the back, your session will also examine your posterior leg, and lower spine. 

The examination of your body's connection to the ground continues its strict focus on building and maintaining good posture habits to achieve a stable, pain-free and well-aligned back. All while helping to bring the support of the legs through the pelvis and upwards towards the head.

Bodywork Session Focus Points:  Spine, lower back, and legs.

Rolfing Ten Series Session Goal: This session works on movement in your legs to build support for your pelvis and lower back.
Rolfing® Ten Series: Session Seven
Restore your space.

Your session begins with a detailed review of your structure's space. From a well-directed head to a perfectly balanced facial substructure that gives you all cardinal directions. From the smallest muscles in your face to the muscle fibers in your neck, the tension you feel behind your muscles - even the smallest muscles, such as the eyes -  will vacate your structure. 

Your focus in session seven is on balancing the neck, head, face, and anything above the top ribs in order to restore the "space" in your body. Tension changes your structure and movement. It limits your potential. Returning your head's balance and body’s structure to an ideal state aggressively boosts energy and gives you a clear path to deeper relaxation.

Bodywork Session Focus Points:  Face, nose, mouth, head, and neck.

Rolfing Ten Series Session Goal: This session works on your head and neck.
Rolfing® Ten Series: Session Eight
Reset the body. 

At this stage of the Rolf Ten-Series you are beginning to prepare for your final session. This is where the detailed work occurs with the specific goal of resetting your body, omnidirectional movements and space. 

Bodywork Session Focus Points:  Your practitioner addresses your specific areas as they relate to your rolfing goals. 

Rolfing Ten Series Session Goal: Your session focuses on the integration of movement in various areas of your body to enhance coordination or well-being.
Rolfing® Ten Series: Session Nine
A seamless continuation of session eight. 

Your body’s continuation from session eight will continue to focus on the lower and upper bodywork to refine the movement of and integration of the shoulder and pelvic girdle, and the connections to and from the spine. 

Bodywork Session Focus Points: Your practitioner addresses your specific areas as they relate to your rolfing goals.  

Rolfing Ten Series Session Goal: A continuation of session eight, which aims to enhance your body’s coordination and well-being.
Rolfing® Ten Series: Session Ten
Look ahead to your future. 

Your future is bright and balanced. Your body cooperates and your space is aligned. Your next level of wellbeing begins on a new path that has been charted by the Rolf Ten Series and you.

Your awareness and body mindfulness are now connected as you begin to see the world around you and your body in a different perspective. 

Your health, mobility, wellness and body usage are now on a different level. Your heightened awareness of your body, will allow you to better handle physical tasks, tension, and the daily rigors of life’s most precious little movements. 

Bodywork Session Focus Points: Your practitioner addresses your specific areas as they relate to your rolfing goals. 

Rolfing Ten Series Session Goal: The last session focuses on integration, order, and balance throughout your body.

Rolfing® Ten Series Aftercare

After undergoing the Rolf Ten-Series, your body will be in a state of balance. You have the choice to continue with further education and movement programs to further enhance and maintain your new achievement.

What to Wear and What to Expect

Instead of compressive yoga shorts, tights, or everyday modest underwear, you should wear -

For Women:
  • Short, light running shorts
  • Short soccer shorts
  • Modest bra or bikini top
  • Light, straight-strapped sports top
For Men:
  • Short, light running shorts
  • Short soccer shorts
  • Athletic T-shirt
  • Tank Top

The bodyworker will want to evaluate your body, possibly ask you to exercise, and most likely evaluate your alignment and posture in general.

Treatable Conditions

  • Improve physical potential and body awareness
  • Relieve chronic tension and tightness in the body
  • Feel more connected with and alive in their body
  • Address localized aches and pains - low back pain, shoulder pain, carpal tunnel, sciatica, plantar fasciitis, TMJ, migraine/headache, knee and ankle pain, shin splints, etc.
  • Recover from and prevent overuse injuries
  • Increase range of motion, balance, and coordination
  • Prepare for or recover from trauma, surgery or pregnancy
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