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Transform your body with a Rolfing® treatment session

The hallmark of Rolfing Structural Integration® is the Ten Series. A series of ten Rolfing® sessions balance, nurture and optimize your functional movements and body structure.

Feel the difference a Rolfing treatment recipe can make with a detailed mix of bodywork, deliberate movement, massage and physical therapy. Engage in the process and transform your body.

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Get in tune with
your body through
Rolfing® Ten Series

Take the time to appreciate and respect your body through a series of meaningful Rolfing treatment sessions. Experience a mix of bodywork, movement, breath work, and physical massage therapy that helps you tune-in to yourself and feel more connected to your body.

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The Rolfing® Ten Series in Detail

The Ten Series of Rolfing® comprises ten in-person sessions which utilize Rolfing Structural Integration® to achieve intentional movement, understanding your body’s story and associations with pain and misalignments, as well as, preparing goals on top of a solid foundation built on experience and critical body knowledge. These sessions take a holistic approach to health and systematically work the entire body to organize and balance both structure and function.

Rolfing® Ten Series: Session One

Your journey starts with your first step.
The first encounter between the client and the rolfer provides an opportunity to analyze your body’s full story, detailed history, problematic issues, recurring pain and establishing boundaries. All of this lays solid groundwork for the therapeutic relationship to flourish throughout the procedure, loosening and rebalancing the top layers of connective tissue in the neck, diaphragm, rib cage, arms, spine, upper legs, and hamstrings.

Breathing, reaching ability, and separating the torso from the pelvis are the main topics of the first session.

The initial Rolfing® session initiates the client and the Rolfer's integrative journey and is crucial in establishing the context for subsequent encounters.

Bodywork Session Focus Points: Complete body review including breathing, gait and reach.

Rolfing Ten Series® Session Goal: Establish a baseline of your space, your capacity to reach, and your torso differentiation.

Rolfing® Ten Series Aftercare

After undergoing the Rolf Ten-Series®, your body will be in a state of balance. You have the choice to continue with further education and movement programs to further enhance and maintain your new achievement.

Setting Expectations

What to wear and
what to expect

Instead of compressive yoga shorts, tights, or everyday modest underwear, you should wear. The bodyworker will want to evaluate your body, possibly ask you to exercise, and most likely evaluate your alignment and posture in general.


Please wear the following:

Short, light running shorts
Short soccer shorts
Modest bra or bikini top
Light, straight-strapped sports top


Please wear the following:

Short, light running shorts
Short soccer shorts
Athletic T-shirt
Tank Top

We Can Help With These Ailments

Treatable conditions with a Certified Rolfer®

Treat your auto injury, unexpected fall or a sports injury. Realign your body for lasting change with a Certified Rolfer® who has a deep understanding of kinesiology and the human structure.

Rolfing® is geared towards structural realignment, not just temporary relief. With this specialized approach, you can get lasting change and improved posture in the long term.

If you suffer from these ailments - the Rolfing® Community can help.

Car Accident Injury
Unexpected Fall
Sports Injury
Chiropractor Injury
Whiplash Injury
Bulging Disc
Herniated Disc
Disc Degeneration

Balance Problems
Gait Problems
Chronic Pain
Neck Pain
Shoulder Pain Or Tension
Plantar Fasciitis
Tendonitis, Tendinosis
Nerve Entrapment

Piriformis Syndrome
SI-joint Dysfunction
Pain Associated With Scoliosis
Repetitive Motion Injuries
Poor Posture

Chronic Low Back Pain
Low Back Spasms
Back Pain During Pregnancy
Tension Headaches
TMJD (Jaw Dysfunction)
Cervicogenic Migraines
Range of Motion Limitations
Frozen Shoulder Syndrome

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