Issac Hagerling

Certified Rolfer®
Licensed Massage Therapist

For over 10 years I’ve been a devoted student and practitioner of how to bring one’s body and mind into alignment, and how to think, breathe, and move more easefully. When I began this journey, I started simply with the intention of doing whatever I could to lessen my own feelings of pain and disconnection. I’ve spent thousands of hours in meditation, which taught me how to listen and reconnect with myself.

I’ve organized and led hundreds of mindful communication gatherings, which taught me how to feel, to empathize, and bring a deep attunement and curiosity to whatever someone was experiencing. I’ve also always had a love of sports, movement, and the body. And after I became out of shape and developed some injuries in my 20’s, I began getting personal training sessions and received Rolfing to bring my own body back into alignment. After seeing the change in myself, I got certified as NASM personal trainer and more recently became a Certified Rolfer to help those who want to experience this transformation through their own bodies.

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