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Why schedule a phone call when looking for hands-on work?

Lu Mueller-Kaul
May 1, 2024

A lot of Rolfing® clients want to speak to a Rolfer® before scheduling a hands-on appointment, especially if they have bodywork experience. Clients who enjoy deep tissue massage work often benefit even more from Rolfing® Myofascial Mobilization techniques, and, interestingly, clients who don't like massage find Rolfing and other bodywork sessions very beneficial. Some Rolfers® require a phone call before a first session, just so they can establish a connection and have some background information without letting the actual session get too long (and expensive). In my case I’m happy to see clients either way, I’m able to adapt quickly, and I have a lot of different options if a classic “Session #1” from the Rolfing Ten Series is not appropriate. 

Due to my medical background as a naturopath and my additional training with orthopedic conditions, my experience teaching and researching pathophysiology, I have clients who might need more information and education than manual therapy. Some are not even close to where I practice (Denver/Boulder, occasionally Naples and Orlando, Florida), but would like me to help them find a qualified practitioner. And of course clients who have had difficulties finding a practitioner willing to work with their specific condition would like to know what I have seen and done, what I am willing to try, and who I would refer out (frankly, hardly anybody who is not in the middle of a psychotic crisis). 

I know that many colleagues just pick up the phone wherever they are, but I prefer to have a call scheduled. My English sounds as if I should understand everything, because I have such a mild accent and know to express myself, but I can have a hard time with phone calls when I’m not in a quiet place with headphones and a notebook. I also like to write things down so when I see a client I don’t have to start asking the same question, and sometimes I want to follow up with an email and send information. 

All that would be rather difficult when I’m driving, for example, and I don’t like to be curt or sound distracted. My clients and students all have my cell phone number and can call any time (or try, at least -- the phone is often silent). So just for the first call, please make an appointment online, and if you give me some information up front, I can be prepared well. Thank you very much, I’m looking forward to speaking to you. 

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